Calis Projects
Based in Dublin, Ireland

Founding date:
April 1, 2010


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Calis Projects is a 1-man team based in Dublin, Ireland.


Calis Projects

Inspired by great monster captures played growing up, 1 man developing team, Calis Projects by Stephen McVicker (also known online as Neo-Dragon) started emulating and creating fan games in his mid-teens. After studying Game Development in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, he decided to take some of the more original ideas he had and started developing in 2010 what became ZENFORMS: Protectors. The goal was simple. Create a game he wanted to play. Create a game with the story content released in chapters with each major 0.1+ version adding another chapter with the goal to get to 10 chapters. Create a game that always added more content, more creatures to train and battle, and more fun features for the player to play with.

ZENFORMS: Protectors

Originally released as Version 1.0 back in 2012, ZENFORMS: Protectors, a 2D Adventure RPG, created in a completely handcrafted game engine, is an amazing addition to this fun RPG sub-genre. Catch, Train and Evolve your ZENFORMS and progress through the ranks to become a Grand Protector. Face the Rebellion and unravel the mysteries in the Caladan State of the mysterious masked man. Determine your own fate and help shape a story of your very own!! Features include: - 132+ ZENFORMS to catch, train and develop- With more on the way! - An evolving story that adds more chapters with big updates. - New features, content, and new places to explore with new updates. - Online system known as the CP Garden with Daily Quests, Weekend Giveaways, and monthly battle Leagues. - Online Mystery Trading- Trade and grow your Zenform team. - Master ZENFORMS skills to match your battle strategy. - Echo Battle system- Ability to battle other player's ZENFORMS that are controlled by A.I. - Echo Battle League- Compete against other players to win the seasonal league. - Access to Calis Project Forum for hints, tips, sneak peeks and users input. - Take part in the ever-growing online community. - Collect items and progress through the storyline. - Free updates. - Customised Avatar. - Offline Gameplay.



ZENFORMS Version 1.3 Relaunch Trailer YouTube

2014 - What is ZENFORMS YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Number 1 RPG on the App Store" - April - June 2015

Selected Articles

  • "I love this game. The concepts are cool. The graphics are nice. Everything is great. And, this game was made by one person? Wow. "
    - App Store Reviewer,
  • "I have had this game for so long and I thought it may be like other games were the creator had forgotten about it then I got this update and was so happy they still payed attention to the game can't wait for future updates."
    - App Store Reviewer,
  • "I play this all the time can't wait for future updates."
    - App Store Reviewer,

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Stephen McVicker -AKA- "Neo-Dragon"

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