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That name is genuinely a registered trademark - ritajuriya - 03-22-2017

Prodroxatone is made by using a employer called Prodroxatone Serum Prodroxatone. That name is genuinely a registered trademark. The employer lists its go back cope with as this:If you Google that deal with, you’ll locate that it’s surely a UPS Store in Michigan. The employer behind Prodroxatone additionally does business under the name Quality Skin Products, LLC.Ultimately, just like many other skin care merchandise available on the market today, Prodroxatone Vitamin C Serum is little greater than a credit score card scam designed to go away you hundreds of greenbacks in debt for an underpowered, undersized, overpriced moisturizer. You can pick up a higher moisturizer at your local pharmacy for $15.In fact, from an components attitude, the best issue we recognise is that it includes nutrition C—which we only discovered from the label on its internet site. In trendy, diet C (commonly in the shape of ascorbic acid) is concept to provide antioxidants to pores and skin cells, and can even help treat UV-associated skin harm. However, despite the fact that there may be some promising studies displaying this is probably the case, “the results of nutrition C within the pores and skin aren't well understood because of limited research.”